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Tiger reserves in Vidarbha, Maharashtra lớn reopen from February 2

Good news for wildlife lovers! All the tiger reserves and wildlife sanctuaries in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra will be reopened for the public from February 2, informed an official from the... More

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Hong Kong reduces quarantine period khổng lồ 2 weeks for international arrivals

Hong Kong has announced that it is reducing the mandatory quarantine for international travellers khổng lồ two weeks from three weeks. The news comes even as Hong Kong continues to struggle khổng lồ contain ... More


India-UAE flight ban has now been extended until August 2

Etihad Airways has now announced that flights from India khổng lồ the United Arab Emirates will continue khổng lồ be banned until August 2. The national carrier of UAE tweeted saying that the airline company... More


IRCTC offers Agra tour without a guide at INR 2,550

IRCTC is offering a special Agra tour package for all the tourists keen on admiring the beauty of the Taj Mahal.


UDAN 2 scheme—airports coming up in Haridwar, Kargil, Darbhanga, Mussoorie

Travellers in India, ahoy! Thanks to lớn the UDAN 2 scheme, mountain lovers will soon be able to lớn take flights khổng lồ Kargil, Mussoorie and many other cities. Very soon new air base will be set up in Karg... More

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Himachal Pradesh: 6 new heliports coming up under Udaan-2 scheme

Himachal Pradesh is likely lớn get six new heliports very soon. The state government recently announced that there are plans khổng lồ construct six new heliports under Udaan-2 scheme. Referring to this ... More

Rupi’s Resorts

Located less than a kilometre away from the Udaipur Airport (also known as Maharana Pratap Airport), Rupi"s Resort is a popular pick amongst business travellers.


Of course you must visit Versailles! Use the app Rome2Rio lớn make sure you get here safely & on time, as there are many routes and the train does split. Here at Versailles, you visit the castle... More

Singapore lớn shut down Changi Airport T2 for 18 months

Singapore has announced that it will shut down terminal operations at the Changi Airport from May 1. As per the news reports, operations of the airport"s Terminal 2 will remain suspended for 18 m... More

Indian Railways khổng lồ implement single-use plastic ban from October 2

Come October 2, 2019, & Indian Railways will ban single-use plastic materials from all railway stations, & trains. Already, authorities have been directed khổng lồ expedite installation of 1,853 pl... More





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