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The teens have taste. Photo-Illustration:, Britney Spears/YouTube, Trey Songz/YouTube and Jason Durelo/YouTube Teens can make anything cool. Their social-media superiority launched songs lượt thích “Toosie Slide,” “Old Town Road” and “The Box” lớn No. 1 on the Billboard charts, & every day, pop songs like Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now” become templates for teens to dance, lip-sync, or act to. But the creative geniuses on TikTok are also discovering (and popularizing) indie songs, international songs, and songs no one has thought of in years, if ever. TikTok has deep cuts — they just have nothing to bởi with vinyl records. Now, you can listen to lớn the entire thing instead of 60 seconds or less. Here are some of the songs that TikTokkers have taken from the underground & turned into global memes.

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April 16, 2020

“Criminal” by Britney Spears

Britney Spears is a TikTok star in her own right, but her 2011 tuy nhiên “Criminal” pretty much took over the tiện ích with the “Mugshot Challenge,” where users recorded themselves applying makeup lớn look roughed up and then posed for a mugshot. It pretty quickly flamed out after YouTuber James Charles posted his pics with a nhái bloody nose and black eye on Twitter with no caption. He was immediately called out for glamorizing abuse, & it led khổng lồ a larger conversation about the trend diminishing the harsh reality of mass incarceration. The nguồn of Britney, however, has kept “Criminal” out of the controversy. In fact, the tuy nhiên hit a new peak in daily streams, with just over 100,000 listens on April 12. Femme Fatale will never die!

This very specific Nicki Minaj verse has become a double-threat on TikTok, with stars posting both dance routines & #relatable lip-syncs to it. What bởi vì we have khổng lồ say other than “Bottoms Up” is a bop that should live forever in the hearts & minds of the children?

Post-Cats Jason Derulo is loving his newfound TikTok fame. He’s already fitting in with Hype House member Addison Rae, as evidenced by their lip-sync to “Ridin’ Solo” that has over 3.6 million likes on her page alone. Outside of TikTok royalty, the lyrics “I’m puttin’ on my shades to cover up my eyes / I’m jumpin’ in my ride, I’m heading out tonight / I’m solo, I’m ridin’ solo, I’m ridin’ solo, I’m ridin’ solo, solo” have become every single person’s anthem. Did we have “#mood” in 2010? Because it’s still a #mood.

Millennial-Gen Z cusps, where you at? The theme song to True Jackson VP, a 2008 Nickelodeon show starring Keke Palmer, has changed meme format a few times on TikTok. Most recently, natalieeab paired it with “purple flame” camera effect, which kinda looks like the effects from the show’s intro, khổng lồ make a joke about her mom dismissing her depression. Now it’s a template for ironically venting about people getting mad at things you can’t change or for any intangible attribute kindly “leaving your body” on command.

It’s not hard for Drake lớn get people dancing. I lost a whole summer lớn “One Dance.” But it was kind of random for a snippet of his 2018 song “Nonstop” lớn go Elizabeth Warren-on-SNL viral.

YouTuber turned singer-songwriter Queen Naija self-released her tuy nhiên “Medicine” in 2017, and suffice it to say, it blew up, currently amassing over 100 million views on YouTube. Three years later, the internet is still bumping “Medicine,” this time to lớn relatable memes.

There are over 700,000 TikToks with millions of views set to lớn Ultradiox’s tuy vậy “Walked In.” Lizzo’s done the dance, James Charles has done the dance, & TikTok star Addison Rae did the dance on Entertainment Tonight (that TikTok alone has 3.2 million likes). Meanwhile, the SoundCloud rapper only has 3,000 followers on Instagram.

This ode khổng lồ Timothée Chalamet is set to “Romeo và Juliet” by 2018 Tiny Desk Concert winners Hobo Johnson & the LoveMakers. Lead singer Hobo Johnson (Frank Lopes) kicks off the tuy nhiên with a huge scream of relief, và I think we all understand that feeling. #relatable

Aptly described as “trash và fire at the same time” by a YouTube commenter, Yungster Jack’s “Pressure” is a genre-bending track with a MySpace feel that somehow became the soundtrack for “I’m shy” memes on TikTok.

The Teenagers, a self-aware band from France, blew up in the mid-2000s, thanks khổng lồ their breakout hit “Homecoming.” Now, their cult tín đồ base includes TikTokkers, like dancer Haley Sharpe (the inventor of the “Say So” by Doja cat dance — bow in her presence), who lip-sync to it. For fun, NME named “Homecoming” the fourth-best song of the year in 2007 … when Haley was only four or five.

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A remixed ’90s club hit, “Walk4Me” is a perfect song for mini lip-synced sketches or for hitting the gym. Wherever you’re at in life.

So, “Pillow Talking” isn’t that old (2017), but it’s also not a song you really listen khổng lồ every day. Unless you’re lượt thích me & have also had it stuck in your head since TikTok decided to revive it.

This is the sound for when you are Hustlers-level scamming. Teens use it khổng lồ make fun of their parents và their significant others, but it also sounds really good next to lớn FloMilli, Kash Doll, và Doja cat on a playlist.

There are so many versions of this “Oops” sound, changing up the ending to fit whatever scenario. The song has been sung by Doris Day, Louie Armstrong, and Ella Fitzgerald, but the TikTok version is from big band leader Lawrence Welk.

This tuy vậy got its start on TikTok through users who would lip-sync “No, I know” or “Love, I know” over the actual lyrics “Não vai não.” Canadian producer Freddie Dredd sampled the lyrics from Portuguese song “David (Odavi)” by Brazilian singer Célia. It became a whole separate trend to dunk on people who were saying “No, I know,” then, it became a trend to lớn not care. Meanwhile, Charlie D’Amelio, the most popular user on TikTok, just danced khổng lồ it.

Just last month, Houston rapper Don Toliver topped the Billboard Emerging Artists chart. This week, his 2019 tuy nhiên “No Idea” peaked at No. 43 after just three weeks on the Hot 100. It probably helps that there are millions of dancing, walking, & couples TikToks set to lớn “No Idea” or a remix, some of those with millions of views alone.

“Prom Queen” is an angsty teen anthem critiquing beauty standards and one of the first indie songs to lớn blow up because of TikTok. Alone, teens lip-sync lớn the song, pointing out their mom jeans. But a remixed sound uploaded by maybemarzey cuts “I Look Good” by Texas rapper Chalie Boy (a tuy nhiên from 2009!) in. People of màu sắc use the remix to document how they’ve changed since no longer conforming to lớn white standards of beauty; now, it’s about hyping yourself up instead of comparing flaws.


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