Mac cosmetics powder kiss lipstick

ThePowder Kiss LipstickbyМАСsaw the light at the kết thúc of 2018 and immediately became a best seller. The lipstick’s formula conquer so many beauty maniac’s hearts due to lớn the matte finish, creamy texture, and no dry lips after all! The most interesting thing, that it’s true!

After the lipstick was dropped I somehow ended up with the shade Impulsiveand successfully bypassed the Devoted to Chilli shade which I liked in the first place. But, almost a year after I was walking through the MACcorner and I could not deny the pleasure khổng lồ purchase aMAC Powder Kiss Lipstick in the shade Devoted khổng lồ Chilli 306.

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Design.All MAC lipsticks are placed in a đen carton box, but depending on the collection it can be shiny, with a gradient, or matte. The box of thePowder Kiss Lipstickis made from a màu đen nhám carton with the information about its ingredients, country of origin, shade’s name và number.

Powder Kiss Lipstick in the shade Devoted to Chilli

The packaging of the stick of all MAC lipsticks always remains unchanged, this is a black bullet-shaped case. In the version of thePowder Kiss Lipstickthe case is made of đen matte plastic but feels like rubberised, và nice khổng lồ touch. On the bottom is duplicated the information about the shade.

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Powder Kiss Lipstick in the shade Devoted to lớn Chilli

The weight of the product is 3 grams, the lipstick is produced in the USA. All MAC lipsticks have a sweet vanilla fragrance which disappears shortly after applying, but thePowder Kiss Lipstick also has a sweet-ish flavor (maybe for someone it will be a nice bonus, kissing proofed haha).

Shade.I’ve been crazy about the shade Chilli (by MAC ofc), but the only thing that stopped me – the shade was in theRetro Matte Lipstick collection. It means: a “plasticine” formula, instant dry lips after wearing it, problems with application (dragging the skin after a stick) & etc. If I am ready to lớn forgive everything for the incredible shade ofRuby Woo, so back then I did not want tosacrifice my lips for the brick-red Chilli shade. To my joy (and all other lipstick lovers) MAC released aPowder Kiss Lipstickin the shade Devoted lớn Chilliwhich is soooooo similar to the notorious Chilli shade, but at the same time has a divine formula and a matte finish. Aaaaahhhhh… I am in heaven.

Comparison of 2 shades (author unknown please tương tác for a credit)
Devoted lớn Chilli shade, from the left 2 layers, from the right 1 layer applied

The Devoted lớn Chilli shade is not a nuclear red, it is rather a brick red colour, in the style “your lips but better”. In my opinion, the shade is suitable for any makeup because the colour intensity can be easily varied. It is worth to lưu ý that the shade is so refreshing, & looks surprisingly luxurious and rich when applied in several layers.