Review: bourjois healthy mix foundation


A few weeks ago now, I started lớn notice my skin severely drying out – a side effect of my Accutane treatment. My usual beloved MAC Studio Fix Fluid was looking too cakey on my skin and I needed a more hydrating formula lớn get me through the day without drying out.Bạn đã xem: Bourjois healthy phối serum foundation review

I had a quick browse on Powder to lớn see if there’d been any new foundations released that I hadn’t yet heard about and kiểm tra on whether the Bourjois Healthy phối Serum Gel foundation was recommended as I thought it would be a good match, & what sort of coverage I could expect. A quick kiểm tra confirmed my thoughts, so I drove into town lớn pop lớn my local Boots & pick a bottle up. I chose the colour Light Vanilla (Vanille Clair) as it seemed lượt thích the best match for my fair skin.

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The foundation is labelled as a 16 hour radiance booster that gives a revived và even complexion. It’s made from a vitamin-rich fruit therapy formula (containing litchi, goji berries và pomegranates) which helps to smooth out the complexion leaving it looking even and refreshed & is available in six shades. The foundation is a gel formula & I’d say it’s a natural to lớn medium coverage depending on how you apply it.


Bourjois Healthy phối Serum Gel Foundation đánh giá | Rachael Divers

The vị trí cao nhất few ingredients in the foundation are Aqua, Dimethicone and Cyclopentasiloxane – so water & silicones. This is how the formula gets it’s gel texture. Usually I’m really not a fan of silicones in my beauty products, after all, my skin was very oily before I started my Accutane treatment. However, since taking the tablets và noticing my skin drying out, I knew a silicone formula would be great lớn glide over the dry areas without sticking.

I mix the super shiny bits of my face with my favourite Ben Nye Neutral Set and went about my day. The foundation creased like crazy under my eyes through the day but the rest of my face stayed intact & did look fresh for over 12 hours.

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12 hours+ wear | Bourjois Healthy mix Serum Gel Foundation đánh giá | Rachael Divers

The next day, I decided to lớn try using a pump of the foundation mixed with my regular MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation & it was like a match made in heaven! It applied much better, the ‘wet’ appearance looked more like a healthy glow và it felt much nicer on my skin than it had done the day before. I also made sure not khổng lồ take the foundation up lớn my lower lash line và instead solely used my Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer there. Once again, my makeup lasted for over 12 hours with zero need for retouching.

Ever since I bought the foundation, I’ve worn it every single day & so far, it hasn’t let me down. From mega hot days running around Manchester & going lớn photo shoots, to lớn working on bridal makeovers và walking the dogs, it has stayed well & truly put.

For you ladies that lượt thích a more natural coverage foundation that’s super hydrating, I’m sure you’d love this. It’s a great summer foundation và the smell will remind you of hot summery days too!

Bourjois Healthy phối Serum Gel Foundation is £10.99 and can be purchased by clicking here.